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Cheongwan-san 천관산 (723m)

The rocky crown of Cheongwan-san's north-western ridge, with Wolchul-san national park in the far background.


Located on a small peninsula south of Jangheung, Cheongwan-san creates the border between the towns of Daedeok-eup to its south-west, and Gwansan-eup to the north-west. Rising to a height of 723m it is the highest peak of the Saja-jimaek ridge, which branches off the Honam-jeongmaek to the east of Jangheung.


By Car: From Jangheung take National Highway 23/77 south to Gwansan (about 25km). The entrance road to the Jangan-sa entrance is on the right about a kilometre south of town, and is labelled clearly with typical brown provincial park signage.

By Bus: Buses leave Jangheung for Gwan-san every 25minutes from the Jangheung intercity terminal, the trip takes about 30mins. Jangheung is serviced by buses running west from Suncheon city, and east from Haenam and Mokpo.

With numerous rocky features rising sharply from its ridges, Cheongwan-san is said to resemble a Jewel-encrusted Royal Crown. It is from this that it gets its name.

Rising high above its surrounding peaks Cheongwan-san offers fine views on all sides. To the south are the islands of the Korean Archipeligo, many of which are included in the Dadohaehaesan National Park. To the west are the mountains of the Ddang-ggeunt jimaek stretching to the sea at Korea's most southern point from Wolchul-san National Park to the north-west. Across the water to the east is the Goheung peninsula. To the north are the large mountains of the Honam-jeongmaek range.

The rocky spires which jut out of its ridges are the main attraction of the park, and offer a dramatic setting, and some challenging walking for those interested in a little bouldering. The rocks of the northwestern ridge are particularly stunning, and considered sacred by local shamans, who have set up a shrine high on the rocks.

The main ridge of Cheongwan-san is treeless offering suberb views on all sides. This area is a huge field of Eulalia grasses. A Eulalia festival is held here every fall (dates?)

A face of the south-western high ridge

There are three temples located in valleys below the summit. To the north is Cheongwan-sa, probably the most major of the three, it has a number of treasures in its grounds including a beautiful 3-storey stone pagoda (Treasure 795). To the south is Tapsan-sa located at the beginning of the Daedeok hiking trails, and from the Gwan-san entrance is Jangan-sa, a small temple built with a quirky mix of modern materials.