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Huge boulders litter the Mureung Gorge, flowing east below Duta-san (right)

Duta-san is the most celebrated of three large peaks, whose shoulders form an east facing horse-shoe ridge - the walls of the famously beautiful Mureung Gorge which runs into the eastern suburbs of Samcheok and Donghae cities.

The ridge between the peaks of Duta-san (1353m) Cheongok-san (1404m) and Gojeok-dae (1354m) is one of the highlights of the Baekdu-daegan trail, and when some or all of this is combined as a loop from the waterfalls and rocky features of the Mureung Gorge below, it is one of the great day hikes in Korea.

All major trails start from the temple of Samhwa-dong, at the entrance to the Mureung-gorge and Samhwa-sa temple - very easy to get to from Donghae (see below for road and transport directions)